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Founded in 2019, AKADASIA is a mission-driven education technology business that aims to Empower Educators Everywhere. Headquartered in Singapore, it has regional operations across 6 countries that support over 200,000 teachers from 35 countries.

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  • Academic Partners

    Julia Gabriel International Pte Ltd (Singapore)

    Thames International Business School (Philippines)
  • technology Partners

If you have a product or a service that could benefit educators or if you would like to market your own professional development content to educators globally, then please do reach out to us by filling out the contact form below.

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Keen to work for Akadasia? We work in an engaging, collaborative environment – where ideas are shared freely. Where we cross geographies, cultures and markets to solve customer problems. Where open communication, creativity, and exploration are encouraged.

Akadasia is committed to diversity and inclusion, offering a respectful work environment free from discrimination and harassment. We are committed to employing and promoting individuals based on their merits, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, etc.

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